Take A Moment - Book your Massage Therapy session

While you’re enjoying your stay at The Quarterdeck Resort, take a moment to enjoy a decadent, relaxing massage.

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Tania Smith is passionate about your health but also about making massage therapy more accessible for everyone. 

Her philosophy of massage is all about being client-centered. Whether you are looking for deep tissue, relaxation, or have specific areas of concern, it is all about having a conversation and finding out what best suits your needs on the day.

Tania Smith is originally from Ontario and is now a Registered Massage Therapist here in Nova Scotia. Tania is passionate about serving her community and clients with compassion, dignity, and respect. She is a firm believer in making massage therapy accessible to everyone, which is why she does a lot of massage for people with palliative care needs, neurological disorders, and children or adults with neuro-developmental disabilities and the reason for creating You-Nique Mobile Massage Therapy.

Tania will be offering massage therapy to guests and off-site clients Thursday-Saturday in a luxurious, relaxing space. We are excited to say we’ve partnered with Tania to extend her services as an Independent provider here at The Quarterdeck Resort since 2023!